About Susan de Muth

De Muth has written for most of the national dailies (including a stint as a columnist at the Independent), published several landmark translations and collaborated on a number of significant non-fiction books, mostly about the Middle East, Music and Art History. She is also the publisher of works by Peter Doherty and Heathcote Williams among others, via her ‘Thin Man Press’ imprint. In 2019 she founded ‘A Wave of Dreams Arts Lab’ in St Leonards on Sea with partner, Tymon Dogg.

4 thoughts on “About Susan de Muth

  1. David Shaw

    Met Heathcote in 75, strange dude .
    Sad to see his passing , from what I can remember he did smoke ciggys a lot and inhale rather deeply , if he continued smoking as much ,then he’s fortunate to have lasted so long .
    Kind regards young lady
    Dave (Shaw)
    Doncaster .

  2. stephensunderland

    Dear Susan,

    I’m coming to the end of my PhD which has focused on the writing of Ithell Colquhoun, Leonora Carrington and Claude Cahun. Disavowals has been my focus with Claude and I’m reading it again just now in English (I love it) – and it struck me that I should be telling you how much I’ve enjoyed your translation of the book. It’s such a gem of a work and that has to be down to your way of conveying it!

    Thanks very much and all the best!

    Stephen (Sunderland)


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