Disavowals (Aveux non Avenus) by Claude Cahun


The translation of the title (original Aveux non Avenus) was the cause of much controversy at the Tate. Some of the editorial board favoured ‘Cancelled Confessions’. The title is deliberately ambiguous and indecipherable…this is Cahun’s trademark.

This translation – of a work that was always considered untranslateable – took me the best part of three years.

I have some copies in stock, please contact me if you wish to purchase one.

12 thoughts on “Disavowals (Aveux non Avenus) by Claude Cahun

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  2. Thomas Oboe Lee

    Dear Susan … Wow, thank you so very much for this pdf of “Aveux non avenus” in translation. I bought the original French edition but the one translated into English sells for an outrageous amount of money @ Amazon staring at $185, and topping at $543.96!!! Crazy.

    I am a composer and I want to set to music a few selections from the book for soprano and string quartet. In French, of course. The text I have chosen is between 25 and 29 in your translated posting. Thank you!!!

    1. susandemuth Post author

      Dear Thomas, I am interested to hear you are setting some of the Cahun work to music. Will you let me know when you have some recordings I can listen to? Many thanks Susan

  3. Robert Ezergailis

    It is unfortunate that today’s America, even in terms of its most prestigious institutions of learning and publishing more and more often chooses to own, but to withdraw access to, such significant works. Why is it so costly to obtain a used copy that it is placed well out of reach of most who might seek to read it ? We saw the same as to America’s ownership of Brecht. It was owned but made unavailable. The reprint of the collected poems never actually appearing in print, despite repeated attempts to place orders for the allegedly attainable that is then never delivered. Cahun’s work has become of that same category. There is demand, and a reprint of the paperback is economically possible, but it never happens. it is a form of censorship, to own something and then withdraw access to it from the market. The reasons tend to be readily discernible in any such case, and raising the price to exorbitant levels is also censorship of access. America is an increasingly censorious nation in its quest to restrict access by its own ownership of materials.

  4. Wayne

    Hello- I’d be interested in purchasing one of your copies of disavowals if you still have some. Thanks!

  5. rowanfrewin

    Hi Susan, I know this is a shot in the dark as this post is several years old but I am on the hunt for an English edition of Disavowals for some research and I stumbled on this post. Do you by any chance have a Pdf version I could purchase from you? All the copies floating around are over £100!

  6. Dimitra Birbili

    Hello from Greece.
    I am interested in a copy of the English version of Aveux non Avenus by Claude Cahun.
    Thank you
    Dimitra Birbili

    1. susandemuth Post author

      Hello Dimitra and thank you for your comment.
      The English version is currently only available in digital format (link on this website). I am planning a physical limited edition in 2023 so watch this space!


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